Not currently looking for employment. And please, no more 3rd party recruiters! Thank you!

Codruț Constantin Gușoi

Grand Poobah of Automation and Free Pizza 🍕 Enthusiast



  • As a Co-Founder I've had the opportunity to bootstrap many tech and non-tech activities together with a small group of 3 other engineers turned entrepreneurs, including: creating end-to-end automated CI/CD pipelines, safeguarding cashflow by self hosting internal applications instead of paying for expensive vendors, securing clients against ransomware attacks, creating intelectual property around software development and deployment to have a fast baseling for delivering projects to our clients, setting up recruitment practices for an efficient and high quality hiring funnel, writing up technical documentation and mentoring junior developers, as well as helping with project development for our clients.
  • In general you could say we've been doing anything and everything needed to make our business thrive!
  • Joined the borrower originations team as an engineer dealing with the main Ruby on Rails monolith application where we had to automate loan scoring.
  • Moved on to the AWS migration team that worked on refactoring all applications so they can be moved from Rackspace to AWS using Docker running on top of Mesos.
  • Transitioned to the platform domain, in a team where our main focus was to maintain the software quality of applications and improve the CI pipelines with new tools and practices. Here I've introduced the concept of contract testing using Pact to the engineering teams, helped with migrating applications to Kubernetes, and wrote tools to help with mocking third party services that interacted via REST APIs, RabbitMQ, and Kafka.
  • As an SRE, providing engineering teams and management a Grafana dashboard with the Accelerate Metrics for measuring Software Delivery Performance, and automating on call schedules and payments using Pagerduty. Also, developing new tools and checks for the CI/CD pipelines, closely collaborating with the security team in ensuring AWS resoruces are properly guarded.

Open Source

Since it's the software I use the most, it made sense to join the project as a maintainer and contribute time and effort to improve one of the most loved text editor distributions ever created.
Ever since I was introduced to this project at my previous job I've been contributing bug and compatibility fixes to numerous plugins, and the core. While in recent times I've shifted my focus on other endeavors, Redmine will always have a special place in my heart due to it's timeless practicality and discoverability.
Initially an Elixir script that leveraged NIFs and CBLAS to do basic Machine Learning, the project was abandoned after it achieved it's purpose. Somebody emailed me after a while with the intent of forking the code and repurposing some of the matrix functonality, taking advantage of performance improvements I've discovered. And this is how the Matrex project was born!


Being fascinated by financial systems, I study the stock markets by managing a small portfolio of stocks while automating data collection and processing.
A skill I've refined due to lockdown. Started experimenting with different ways of cooking steaks I get from my favourite Butchers and experimented with sourdough science for tasty breads and proper pizza. Also, I drilled a hole in a fridge so I could insert temperature and hunidity probes to control the climate inside in order to produce Charcuterie. There are many pictures I can share, but only with close friends, because let's face it, brangging about the food you cook to the people you care about is the true meaning of life!