You probably arrived here because you want me to do something for you, and I don’t feel like sacrificing my free time to do it without compensation…

To reach your desired outcome, all you have to do is GIVE! ME! MONEY!!!


This is not a donation, we’re business people, doing business!


You me your request, and the amount of money you wish to pay.


  1. Any monetary exchange must be done through bank transfer or invoice. No other method of payment is allowed right now; you may request a different one but it is up to me to approve it. If that method of payment requires transaction fees, or a cut of the payment, it will be rejected by default!
  2. You may not transfer any amount of money until I’ve approved such an exchange.
  3. Chargebacks will get you BANNED for life, with no recourse.
  4. Vouchers, Bitcoins, or other cryptocurrencies, are not money, therefore not allowed!