Install Emacs from source

Prerequisites Link to heading

sudo pacman -S libgccjit

Compile Link to heading

git clone git://
cd emacs

./ git
./ autoconf
./configure                                   \
  CFLAGS='-O3 -g0'                            \
  --program-transform-name='s/^ctags$/etags/' \

make -j`nproc`
sudo make install

Checks Link to heading

Press Alt + Shift + : and paste these…

  • For JIT:
(if (and
      (fboundp 'native-comp-available-p)
    (message "[SUCCESS] Native Compilation available")
  (message "[FAIL] Native Complation not available"))
  • For fast JSON parser:
(if (functionp 'json-serialize)
    (message "[SUCCESS] Native JSON available")
  (message "[FAIL] Native JSON not available"))

Debug Link to heading

./configure                                         \
  CFLAGS='-Og -gdwarf-5 -g3'                        \

Hope you know how to use gdb when something goes wrong…